Montblanc Limited Edition Jonathan Swift Rollerball Pen 107482

$ 840.00

Jonathan Swift Limited Edition Rollerball Pen

Ident. No. 107482


Honor the Master of Satire, British-Irish poet and essayist Jonathan Swift, often considered as the most important prose satirist in the English language and creator of Gulliver’s Travels, with the Writers Edition 2012 Montblanc Rollerball Pen.

The overall design of the Writer’s Edition 2012 is inspired by Gulliver’s Travels and brings to life the fantastical world created by Swift. The barrel is crafted in black lacquer and decorated with multi-layered inlays reminiscent of the ropes that were used to bind Gulliver on the beach of Lilliput Island.

The cap is made of black precious resin and shaped like Gulliver’s tricorn hat. It bears the signature of Jonathan Swift; the clip depicts the staircase the mayor of Lilliput had to climb to be able to talk to Gulliver. Both clip and fittings are platinum-plated on this capped rollerball pen.


- Honors Jonathan Swift write of Gulliver’s Travels and satirist in the English language

- Design based on Gulliver’s Travels with inlays indicative of the ropes

- Black resin cap shaped like Gulliver’s tricorn hat with Smith’s signature

- Platinum-plated fittings and clip suggestive of a ladder required to talk to Gulliver

- Bring with adventures of Gulliver’s Travels to life when you write with this pen


Warranty: 2-Year limited Montblanc international warranty



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