Montblanc Casual Rectangular Buckle Reversible Black & Brown Leather Strap Belt 09854 | 9854

$ 350.00

Casual Line Belt

Ident. No. 09854

Polished palladium-plated rectangular pin buckle with engraved Montblanc brand name, reversible black & brown leather 3.5 x 170 cm strap 


Shape: Straight rectangular
Material: Solid brass
Coating: Palladium-plated
Finish: Shiny
Mechanism: Easy-to-open mechanism to adjust strap length
Emblem: Engraved Montblanc brand name


Material Strap: The buckle is available with either reversible black/brown leather strap or soft brown leather strap
Strap length and width: 170 x 3.5 cm

Warranty: Montblanc international warranty

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