TAG Heuer Formula 1 Men's Black Chronograph Dial Black Rubber Strap Watch CAU111A.FT6024

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Chronograph 42 mm

REF. CAU111A.FT6024


1/10th second chronograph
In 1975, TAG Heuer introduced the world's first quartz chronograph. Today, the company is still at the cutting edge of timing technology and produces quartz chronographs that offer highly accurate time measurement, while remaining easy to use. FUNCTIONS OF THE 1/10TH SEC. CHRONOGRAPHS The 1/10th sec. quartz chronographs can measure up to 12 hours of elapsed time to within 1/10th of a second. They have the following basic functions: Simple time measurement  Additional time measurement

3 chronograph counters

Angled date window at 4

Curved & polished hand-applied indexes and 12 numeral with luminescent markers

Minuterie on the flange

Scratch resistant sapphire crystal, for excellent durability
All our watches are fitted with sapphire crystal. This is cut from a polished slice of solid sapphire that has been created by the fusion and crystallization of alumina. Sapphire is so hard that only a diamond can scratch it.

Tachymeter scale on bezel, for average speed measurement
The tachymeter indicates the average speed of a car, for example, by measuring the time taken to cover a given distance (a kilometer or a mile).

Water resistant to 200m, ensured by rigorous manufacturing standards and strict testing



Quartz movement

A quartz movement is powered by a battery. Its regulator (time-measuring device) is a quartz crystal. An electrical current causes the crystal to vibrate very consistently and at a very high frequency (32,768 times per second). This gives the movement almost perfect precision (a variation of only a few seconds per month.)

Movement performance
Quartz movements used by TAG Heuer are some of the most reliable and accurate made in Switzerland. They are also distinguished by excellent resistance to shocks and magnetic fields.

Movement display
The batteries for TAG Heuer quartz movements have a service life of at least two years.

Movement decoration
For increased security, all TAG Heuer quartz watches(except chronographs) are ?tted with an end of battery life indicator (EOL). When the battery shows signs of weakening, the seconds hand starts making four-second jumps every four seconds. However, the movement continues to display the exact time until the battery is exhausted.


Case: Steel coated with black titanium carbide
Dial: Black
Bezel: Steel coated with black titanium carbide
Strap: Black rubber

2-Year limited TAG Heuer international warranty

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