5 Gift-Buying Mistakes to Avoid

5 Gift Buying Mistakes To Avoid

1) Going Big Before Going Home

There is a time and a place for grand romantic gestures – it’s not during your gift shopping. That giant stuffed teddy bear? It’ll look great at the bottom of your dumpster. Women want a heartfelt gift that’ll pack a punch in a small package. Diamonds, emeralds, sapphires… it’s the thought that counts.


2) Picking The Gift That’s Really For You

A new set of golf clubs! It’s just what I wanted!” said no woman ever. Tempting as it is, do not use gift buying as an excuse to buy your own new toys. We’re talking video game consoles, techy gadgets, sports memorabilia – you get the idea. Any woman will see right through it, so unless you bought a new couch to sleep on, find a meaningful gift perfect for her.


3) Keeping It Clean

Believe it or not, most women did not grow up wanting to spend all their free time cleaning. And crazy as it sounds, they actually consider cleaning a chore too. So before you try to set the mood with a sexy steamer or dashing dishrag, remember that it will 100% backfire on you. Find a gift that captures her personality and signature style to score big instead of sweeping another disaster gift under the rug.


4) Losing The Unspoken War

For those of you who missed it in English class, all’s fair in two things: love and war. Holiday gift exchanges are the unspoken battleground of any relationship and everyone knows to the victor go the spoils, aka bragging rights for eternity. Losing this gift giving tug-of-war is not an option – because no one wants to accept the superior gift knowing you’ve got to admit yours sucks! There is one secret weapon that’ll outdo almost any gift: fine jewelry. Find the right jewelry and victory is yours.


5) Shopping Somewhere You Can’t Trust

What’s worse than giving the wrong gift? Giving a fake one. For every Louis there are five Louies out there waiting to take your money so before you know it, you’ve paid big bucks for a purse imposter. Don’t play the Diamond or Cubic Zirconia guessing game – there are jewelry experts who help people find the perfect gift every day for a living. It’s critical you find a retailer you can trust not to rip you off, steer you in the wrong direction or pressure you to overspend. San Diegans, Fred Nasseri at Unicorn Jewelry in Rancho Bernardo is your guy. For over 37 years, he’s been locals’ choice because of the relationships he builds with each and every customer. Don’t take my word for it – call Unicorn Jewelry or visit them online at UnicornJewelry.com today and experience the difference yourself so the next gift you give is the one she’ll never forget.



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