5 Huge Mistakes Guys Make When Getting The Engagement Ring

5 Huge Mistakes Guys Make When Getting The Engagement Ring


1) Picking Size Over Style

Okay, yes – we’ll admit size matters when it comes to engagement rings. But don’t pick a ring just because of how big it is. Women want a ring that has signature style and shows off their personality because it’s a fashion statement they’ll be living with for the rest of their life. No pressure though.


2) Breaking The Bank

No one wants to be a cheap fiancé, but the thing that’ll make her more mad than anything is spending way too much on an engagement ring. You’re talking about the love of your life here and yeah she’s worth every penny, but you’re also about to start a new life together with a lot of new expenses and she’ll appreciate you keeping the big picture in mind too. Don’t forget – this woman loves you for you, not your paycheck.


3) Ignoring Your Resources

If your girlfriend’s family or friends know you’re proposing, USE THEM. The best chance you have of picking the right ring on the first try is getting help from the people in her life that know her best. Bring her most trusted family or friends with you jewelry shopping to save yourself some headache, and use your accomplices wisely. If you don’t have anyone you can bring, just trust your gut. You know this woman too, well enough that you’re volunteering to spend forever getting on each other’s nerves.


4) Shopping Online

Amazon is not the place to be shopping for an engagement ring and no, it is not okay to get a ring airlifted to your couch by a carrier drone. This is a romantic moment, whether you like it or not, and your bae deserves the best. Just like clothing never looks or fits like the pictures online, rings can look totally different and there is just no substitute for shopping in person at a jewelry boutique. Plus, you’ll avoid all those pesky ring ads following you around the web.


5) Visiting The Wrong Jeweler

Show of hands – who here actually knows what the 4 C’s stand for? Bueller, Bueller…. Almost no one does, and that’s okay because there are jewelry experts who help people find the perfect ring every day for a living. It’s critical you find a jeweler you can trust not to rip you off, steer you in the wrong direction or pressure you to overspend. San Diegans, Fred Nasseri at Unicorn Jewelry in Rancho Bernardo is your guy. For over 37 years, he’s been locals’ choice because of the relationships he builds with each and every customer. Don’t take my word for it – call Unicorn Jewelry or visit them online at UnicornJewelry.com today and experience the difference yourself so the most special moment of your life is also the most enjoyable.



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