All You Need is Love this Valentine’s Day

All You Need is Love this Valentine’s Day

As Cupid draws back his bow for this year’s Valentine’s Day, Unicorn Jewelry & Watch Boutique has rolled out a special selection of fine, heart-shaped jewelry pieces that on Sunday, February 14th, will signify love and devotion from one person to another.

There are a number of different symbols associated with love such as cupid, chocolates, and roses, but out of all the various symbols and images none are more prevalent than the heart, the most common image associated with love. Boxes of chocolates are heart-shaped. Valentine’s Day greeting cards are formed in the shape of a heart; Even intimate clothing items given on this special Day of Romance are designed with various images of romantic hearts. This begs the question: How did the heart become the common symbol of love?

In ancient times people believed that the heart was the center of all human emotions. Since love is among the strongest of human emotions, the heart became the symbol of love. The medieval tradition of courtly love reinforced the heart shape's association with romance. Hundreds of years ago hearts could be found on playing cards, tapestries, sculptures, paintings, and clothing.

The Beatles once said, “All You Need is Love”, but on February 14th. a diamond heart necklace, ring, or brooch from Unicorn Jewelry, a heart-shaped Valentine’s Day card, a dozen red roses, and some assorted chocolates (in a heart-shaped box of course) will raise your statement of love to sky-high levels.

At Unicorn Jewelry & Watch Boutique, we can help you express your love for another person with the rapturing love and beauty of a Valentine’s gift that will warm his or her heart forever! We have thousands of jewelry creations here in the store, which means you can select from items which meet your budget! Or let us design and create that one-of-a kind ring, bracelet, necklace or brooch that will truly say “I love you”!



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