The Mysterious Allure of Rubies

Most everyone is enchanted by the ruby, especially those born in July and couples celebrating 15 or 40 years of marriage; the ruby is the gemstone for this summer month and special anniversary milestones.

Getting its name from the Latin word “rubens,” rubies are found in several shades of red, from the light “pink lemonade” color to the much darker shade known as “pigeon blood.” The red tones of all rubies come from traces of the mineral chromium. Compared to other colored gems, rubies are extremely strong gemstones, being only slightly softer than diamonds.

They can be found all over the world, but the majority of ruby gemstones are currently mined in Myanmar (home of legendary Burmese rubies), Thailand and other locations in Asia.

Most rubies are treated to improve their color and strengthen them. Unicorn Jewelry offers premium rubies that are rich and vibrant in color, with hints of blue tones which can be used in custom jewelry or beautifully pre-designed pieces in our showroom. Rubies without imperfections are actually more valuable and sought after than diamonds of equal size and weight.

Throughout history, rubies have been known to signify mystery, romance, and lust of life. Unicorn Jewelry has a wonderful selection of loose rubies and ruby jewelry. Visit us and spice up your jewelry collection, gift a piece of ruby jewelry for a friend or loved-one born in July, or celebrate your 15th or 40th wedding anniversary with this sought after gem.

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